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Other Forms of Weightlifting

In addition to the sport of Olympic-Style Weightlifting, there are a number of other activities involving weights. Bodybuilders use weights to develop their muscles to dramatic extents for display in bodybuilding competitions.

Powerlifters use barbells to test their strength via the bench press, squat and deadlift exercises.

Competitors in "World's Strongest Man" competitions train extensively with weights to prepare themselves for these competitions. In the competitions themselves they lift, carry and pull certain kinds of weights, though not barbells.

Modern "oldetime strongmen" use conventional weights like barbells to train themselves for their strength feats. Sometimes they lift very heavy loads a very short distance (e.g., in "back lifts") or specialize in lifting unwieldy objects that present special challenges. 

Others use weights to develop their strength for participation in other sports or for general fitness. Still others use weight training to help them recover their strength after injuries or illness.

All of those who use weights may refer to themselves as "weightlifters" but the only proper formal us of that word is to describe the sport of Olympic-Style Weightlifting, which is simply referred to at the Olympic Games as "Weightlifting".