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Our 2012 Annual A Reunion Scheduled for October 13th

We are delighted to have been able to schedule our 29th annual educational conference and reunion dinner for October 13th, 2012, at the Newark Airport Marriott Hotel. More information will be available in the spring of 2012.

Our 28th Annual Dinner Took Place on September 17th, 2011

We are happy to report that our 28th annual reunion dinner and educational conference took place on September 17th of 2011. There was a fine turnout to support honorees Frank Capsouras and Bob Gajda. The posthumous induction of Eugen Sandow into our AOBS Hall of Fame was much enriched by the presence of Sandow's great grandson, Chris Davies, who regaled audiences at the afternoon historical meeting and dinner with previously unknown stories about Sandow the Magnificent. A full report on the dinner will be made to our supporters in our newsletter, which should be published some time in the fall of 2011.

Sad News Regarding Dennis Tinerino

We are very sorry to report the passing of Dennis Tinerino, on May 7th. A Mr. America and Mr. Universe, Dennis was honored with the AOBS' Highest Achievement Award in 2007. We want extend our deepest condolences to Dennis' family and friends. You can read more about Dennis by clicking here

A Celebration of Joe "The Great" Rollino Hosted by Mike D'Angelo on March 19th

 Mike D'Angelo began to organize an annual luncheon in honor of The Great Joe Rollino several years ago, and he has continued to the tradition of those wonderful luncheons since Joe's passing in 2010. Mike expects to continue this annual gathering in the future, always on Joe's March 19th birthday. at one of Joe's favorite restaurants "New Corners" in Brooklyn. We want to thank Mike for putting this wonderful event together.

Sad News Regarding Joe "The Great" Rollino

Joe Rollino 2008 SeminarIt is our sad duty to report that on Monday, January 11, just before 7 AM, our beloved Joe Rollino was struck by a mini-van while crossing a busy street in his Brookllyn, NY neighborhood. He died several hours later at Lutheran Hospital, never having regained consciousness. Joe was just 66 days short of his 105th birthday, which would have fallen on March 19.

To describe Joe's passing as a major loss would be a major understatement. His loss will be felt by the entire Iron Game universe, by the boxing world, by the WWII veterans he was a heroic part of, ,by the countless Brooklyn neighbors that knew him (he'd been a fixture in the same neighborhood for more than 100 years), by his church, by his friends and by his family. .

We cannot begin to do justice to Joe's life at this time, but our upcoming newsletter (February/March) will provide some coverage of Joe's remarkable life (which couldn't be covered fully by anything less than a series of books). 

A wake for Joe will be conducted on Thursday, January 14th and Friday January 15th (both days from 2-5 PM and 7-10 PM) at Torregrossa's Funeral Home in Brooklyn - 1305 79th Street (near 13th Ave.). The phone number there is 718.232.8844. The Funeral will be held at St. Bernadette's, which is on 82nd St. and 13th Ave. in Brooklyn, at 9:45 AM, Saturday, January 16th. The family has offered an alternative to flowers - a donation to the American Diabetes Association (one of Joe's sisters and his mother had this disease).


26th Annual Reunion a Great Success

Despite the swine flu raging at that time, and the depressed economy, our reunion on June 13, 2009 was one of our largest and most successful ever. It was another gala occasion of education (seminars by Tommy Kono and Bruce Wilhelm, and a historical meeting focusing on the legendary Andy Jackson of Jackson Barbell fame), excitement (demonstrations by strongmen and women during the afternoon and during the dinner itself) and recognition for Iron Game greats (Carla Dunlap, Bill Seno and Bruce Wilhelm). You can read more about this fabulous event by clicking here to see our August 2009 newsletter (which covered the event in detail).

Don't miss next year's event, scheduled for October 23, 2010, at the Newark Airport Marriott Hotel.


Joe "The Great" Rollino Celebrates 104 Wonderful Years!

by Artie Drechsler

Joe RollinoOn Thursday, March 19th, 2009, The Great Joe Rollino marked his 104th birthday with some of his many friends from the AOBS (photo shows, left to right, Steve "The Mighty Stefan" Sadicario, "Iron Mike" D'Angelo, "The Great" Joe Rollino, Artie Drechsler and Joe Yu). Once again, Mike D'Angelo coordinated this terrific event at the New Corners restaurant in Brooklyn, NY. In addition to the 20 or so people in attendance, Joe received a steady stream of calls on his cell phone from Iron Game family members for all around the country, and some outside the US. .

This marvel of longevity never ceases to amaze all in attendance with his memories, not only of distant years gone by, but of recent events as well. The Great one teaches as well as inspires, in the most profound way possible - by example. He exercises before the luncheon and , sticks to his vegetarian fare (while avoiding the birthday cake) at the luncheon, because a healthy lifestyle is something Joe lives each and every day without fail. One can't argue with the results. We wish Joe many healthy years to come, and hope that all of us will be with him through those years, to celebrate each of his marvelous annual milestones.


Slim "The Hammerman" Farman and Friends in the News

Slim “Farman” Hosts A Gathering of Strongmen

In early January, some of America’s top performers of oldtime strongman feats converged on the home of the legendary Slim “The Hammerman” Farman in Pottstown, PA. Among those who made the pilgrimage were Russell Jones, Dennis Rogers, Greg Matonick, Tom Kelly, Steve Weiner and Pat Povilaitis. Their visit and impromptu strength performances attracted the attention of the local newspaper – The Mercury. A report of the event was front page news in the Sunday January 6th issue of the Mercury, edging out news of Barak Obama’s victory in Iowa and the retirement of the local DA for top billing and front page space. Under the heading “Gathering Strength: Slim the Hammerman mentors group in feats of might” the article included photos of all the aforementioned strongmen in action, the largest photo on the front page featuring Slim doing is signature leverage lift with two sledgehammers. The article mentioned something about each performer and the feat(s) he did, as well as the mentor Farman having been mentored by Joe “The Might Atom” Greenstein. In all the story extended over three pages and included 13 photos. What coverage! 

I know Slim was happy to have so many of his friends gathered together on one day and those who observed the event had a very special treat indeed in seeing so many strongmen performing at one time.