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"Carry On" Award Winners and "Great Communicators"


The AOBS has created special means to recognize those who have supported the organization over a long period. One is called the "Carry On" award, and the other is a recognition of those who have been "great communicators" on behalf of the organization. 


"Carry On" Award Winners


Vic Boff nearly always closed his conversations with this friends with the phrase “carry on”, which signified the dedication of Vic and the person he was speaking with to carry on the traditions of physical culture. Others in the organization used this phrase as well, including AOBS co-founder, Leo Murdock.  In 1998, after Leo's passing, his daugher, Rosemary Miller, conceived the idea of recognizing people who had loyally served the AOBS for many years with a “carry on” award. At the October 1998 meeting of the AOBS, Rosemary recognized three such people. And this tradition has itself been carried on periodically in the ensuing years.


Oct 17, 1998

Jim Sanders

Mike D’Angelo

Steve Sadicario


Jun 26, 2003

Ann Boff

Joe Marino


June 9, 2007

Artie Drechsler


June 13, 2009

JoAnne Drechsler



Ann BoffAnn Boff - Ann married Vic Boff in 1943 and was at his side in all the years that followed, working in his health food stores and assisting in his various other enterprises. She served as Vic’s informal editor and advisor during the formative years of the AOBS and continued to support him as he carried on and developed the organization. Upon Vic’s passing, she played a crucial roll in guiding the organization’s continued existence, to assure that Vic’s legacy and that of the other AOBS founders continued.




Mike D'AngeloMike D'Angelo - Mike D’Angelo become active in the Iron Game as a very young man. He trained with many of the best in the Iron Game and developed a deep passion for, and appreciation of, all facets of physical culture. A 500 lb. bench presser at one time, Mike also became a devotee of winter swimming, learning much from Vic Boff and Joe Rollino. When he attended his first AOBS dinner in 1986, he volunteered his skills as a     photographer and videographer. Beginning in 1987, he performed those services, and many others for the AOBS, becoming a “right hand man” for Vic Boff, and later for Artie Drechsler. His service to the AOBS can never be measured.




Artie DrechslerArtie Drechsler - Artie took on the role of President of the AOBS shortly after Vic Boff passed away in late 2002, at the suggestion of Vic himself (that was delivered by Vic’s family and friends after his passing). Author of the “Weightlifting Encyclopedia” and a former junior world record holder in weightlifting, and a Chair of the Board of USA Weightlifting, Artie has worked to continue the traditions of the AOBS, beginning with the 2003 reunion. He received a surprise “Carry On” award from his colleagues in 2007, in recognition of the 5 reunions he had organized since assuming the Presidency at the end of 2002.


JoAnneJoAnne Drechsler - When husband Artie Drechsler took on the role of President of the AOBS, JoAnne enthusiastically joined in the effort to keep the AOBS going. Since that time, she has volunteered many hours to administer the annual reunion dinner, greeting guests, providing tickets and rendering many other services to meet the varied requests from our guests. One of the first female national referees in the sport of weightlifting, her father and mother introduced her to the Iron Game when she was a baby and she has probably kept score at more weightlifting events than anyone active . today. She received a surprise “Carry On” award, that her husband did not know about, from her AOBS colleagues in 2009.



Joe MarinoJoe Marino – A Mr. America competitor, Joe Marino became acquainted with Vic Boff when Joe was a young man. When the AOBS was formed, Joe offered to assist Vic and the other founders in whatever ways he could. Vic often relied on Joe to attend to the myriad of activities needed to assure that the annual reunions went smoothly, from picking up an honoree at the airport, to helping Vic find a replacement facility for the Downtown Athletic Club in 2000. Joe was also key in helping to assure the organization kept moving forward upon Vic’s passing.





Steve SadicarioSteve Sadicario – Steve “The Mighty Stefan” Sadicario learned strongmanism from the literal and spiritual descendants of Joe “The Mighty Atom” Greenstein, such as Mike Greenstein (the Atom’s son) and Slim “The Hammerman” Farman, the Atom’s most famous protégé. While he performed at the AOBS reunions, Steve’s enthusiasm and massive voice were quickly noticed. When Vic was looking for an MC more than a decade ago, Steve seemed like a natural for the job, and he was. He has served the organization loyally for many years and continues to perform as well as MC at AOBS events.





Great Communicators

In recognition of their long term contribution to speaking on behalf of honorees, writing about the AOBS and otherwise communicating their support for the organization widely, the following men have been recognized as two of the AOBS’s “Great Communicators”.



Dr. Ken RosaDr. Ken Rosa - Dr. Ken Rosa is a man of many talents – Dr. of Chiropractic, musician, broadcaster and writer, to mention just a few. His contribution to the AOBS has been long and deep, having served as an MC, and a speaker for a number of honorees. In recent years, he has become our chronicler, regaling readers with his reports of our annual reunions and of other events that he has attended throughout the Iron Game, perhaps most notably the OHF gatherings in England. We thank him for his many contributions and look forward to many more years of the same.





Fred YaleFred Yale - Fred Yale has been contributing to the Iron Game for decades, as a gym owner, trainer and promoter. He has written extensively on the Iron Game in general and bodybuilding in particular. For more than a decade he has been one of our speakers for AOBS honorees. Our audiences have come to regard hearing from Fred as one of the highlights of our annual gathering. His combination of scholarship and enthusiasm makes for presentations that are spellbinding and we hope he will continue to regale us with his tales of Iron Game legends for many years to come.