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AOBS Honorees

The AOBS has honored those who have achieved distinction in the Iron Game in  four categories: AOBS Vic Boff Highest Achievement, Special Guest, Hall of Fame and Carry-On. They are listed on this page and their grand achievements are memorialized in separate pages devoted to these respective categories.

AOBS Highest Achievement (Vic Boff) Award Recipients

From its outset, one of the missions of the AOBS has been to recognize and remember the (sometimes forgotten by many) greats of Iron Game history. Hence the founders of the organization created an award which them named their “AOBS Highest Achievement Award” (renamed the “AOBS Vic Boff Highest Achievement Award” in 2003, in honor of founder Vic Boff’s enormous contribution to the organization). In that same year, Vic Boff received the award, posthumously.  

In the 25 year history of the AOBS, a total of 63 immortals of the Iron Game have received the organization's highest achievement award.  They were (in alphabetical order - they are presented chronologically in a later section):

Joe Abbenda        Paul Anderson        Jules Bacon        Doris Barrilleaux        Clarence Bass        Al Berger

Issac Berger      Vic Boff        Jim Bradford       Frank Capsouras      Pat Casey       Bill Clark        Gary Cleveland

Dave Draper      Joe Dube      Carla Dunlap      Marvin Eder      George Eiferman     Clyde Emrich      Slim Farman

Bob Gajda         Dr. James George        Dr. Peter George        Bert Goodrich        John Grimek        Kenny Hall

Gene Jantzen      Harry Johnson      Ed Jubinville     Mike Karchut      Russ Knipp        Tommy Kono

Ron Lacey     Red Lerille        Fred Lowe     Johnny Mandel        Dave Mayor        Jim Murray        Al Oerter

George Paine        Reg Park        Bill Pearl        Joe Pitman        Joe Puleo        Mabel Rader        Peary Rader

Terry Robinson      Steve Reeves      Don Reinhoudt       Dennis Rogers      Rudy Sablo      Bruno Sammartino

Elmo Santiago      Hy Schaeffer      Norb Schemansky      Bill Seno      Dave Sheppard      Dick "Smitty" Smith

Frank Spellman    Milo Steinborn      Leo Stern      Pudgy Stockton      Frank Stranahan      Dennis Tinerino

Jan Todd     Terry Todd      Chuck Vinci      David Webster      Malcolm Whyatt     Bruce Wilhelm     Chet Yorton

The chronology of the Highest Achievement Awards is presented below. It should be remembered that the first 3 dinners, held between 1982 and 1985, were events to honor Sig Klein - one of the most noteworthy contributors to the Iron Game in its long history.


May 10, 1986


John Grimek

(received our Association's First Highest

Achievement Award)


May 23, 1987

Bert Goodrich

Milo Steinborn

Johnny Mandel


Oct. l, 1988

Steve Reeves

Peary & Mabel Rader


Oct. 7, 1989

Pete George

Marvin Eder

Ed Jubinville

Jules Bacon


Sep. 22, 1990

Tommy Kono

Reg Park

Frank Stranahan

Rudy Sablo


Sep 28, 1991

George Eiferman

Gene Jantzen

Pudgy Stockton


Feb 29, 1992

Paul Anderson

(at the US. Power & Strength Symposium,

Orlando, Florida)


Sep 26, 1992

Dr. Jan Todd

Dr. Terry Todd

Ike Berger


Oct. 23, 1993

Terry Robinson

David Webster

Charles Vinci


Oct 8, 1994

Bill Pearl

Dave Sheppard

Leo Stern


Oct 7, 1995

Joe Abbenda

AI Berger

Dr, Hy Schaeffer


Oct. 5, 1996

Norb Schemansky

George Paine

Malcolm Whyatt


Sep 27, 1997

Dave Mayor

Frank Spellman

Bill Clark


Oct 17, 1998

Joe Pitman

Ron Lacy

Slim “The Hammerman” Farman


Oct 23, 1999

Jim Bradford

Harry Johnson


Oct 14, 2000

Bruno Sammartino

Joe Dube

Jim Murray


Oct 6, 2001/ (postponed to Jun 2002)

Al Oerter

Joe Puleo

Kenny Hall


Jun 28, 2003

Vic Boff

Clarence Bass

Clyde Emrich


Jun 12, 2004

Doris Barrilleaux

Gary Cleveland

Dr James George

Elmo Santiago


Jun 11, 2005

Pat Casey

Red Lerille

Don Reinhoudt


Jun 3, 2006

Russ Knipp

Dick “Smitty” Smith

Dennis Tinerino


Jun 9, 2007

Dave Draper

Mike Karchut

June 7, 2008

All of our previous honorees who were invited back for an encore, to commemorate our 25th Reunion - no new honorees were named


June 13, 2009

Carla Dunlap

Bill Seno

Bruce Wilhelm


October 23, 2010

Fred Lowe

Dennis Rogers

Chet Yorton


September17, 2011

Frank Capsouras

Bob Gajda



Special Guest Honor Awards

From time to time, the AOBS presents special awards to recognize outstanding achievement in, and outstanding contributions to, the Iron Game. The following people have been so recognized by the AOBS as "Special Guest Honor Award" winners.


October 1, 1988

Rudy Riska


September 22, 1990

Joe "The Great" Rollino

Dr Theodore Struhl


September 28, 1991

Leo Murdock

Jim Sanders


October 10, 1993

Dennis Rogers


June 12, 2004

Art Ehman

October 23, 2010

David Prowse

AOBS Memorial Hall of Fame

June 11, 2005

Bob Hoffman


June 3, 2006

Joe Greenstein “The Mighty Atom”


June 9, 2007

John Henry Davis

September 17, 2011

Eugen Sandow


"Carry On" Award

Oct 17, 1998

Jim Sanders

Mike D’Angelo

Steve Sadicario


Jun 26, 2003

Ann Boff

Joe Marino


June 9, 2007

Artie Drechsler

June 13, 2009

JoAnne Drechsler