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Modern "Oldtime" Strongmen

Up until the turn of the century, a multitude of strongmen traveled the world, each claiming to be the strongest. Each had his own set of strength feats that he believed demonstrated his strength. In some cases, the strongman performing a given set of feats was truly the best in those feats. In other cases, the strongman was able to outperform challengers simply because he knew the best method of performing his feat. Other more nefarious strongmen purposely "rigged" feats so that challengers could never beat the strongman.

As a result of frustration over the competing claims made by strongmen, the sport of weightlifting emerged. The concept was that everyone would compete on the same events with the same equipment, judged by impartial officials. In concept this made sense, as it really did help to identify the athletes who were truly the strongest.

But of necessity when organizing such competitions, a certain uniformity was required and events that afforded legitimate tests of strength were forgotten simply because they were not in the competitive set of events.

However, there remained a core of men who continued to perform the events of yesteryear, preserving them for future generations. These are the modern day "oldetime" strongmen. These men prefer bending and breaking steel, tearing paper or metal, performing various leverage lifts and lifting bulky objects or very heavy objects for short distances. The variety of the feats they perform is vast and often each man finds an event for which he is particularly suited by talent and proclivity for training. The result is a cornucopia of events that display strength in a variety of fascinating ways.

Among the leaders in this field today are men like Slim "The Hammerman" Farmman (a pupil of Joe "The Mighty Atom" Greenstein) and Dennis Rogers.

Slim learned to perform many of the Atom's feats and added an entire group of his own related to the immense hand, wrist and arm strength Slim developed through his work as a stonecutter and specialized training. Over time, Slim became famous for his showmanship as well as his strength, qualities that earned him appearances in such hallowed forums as Madison Square Garden, where he thrilled thousands with his feats. 

Dennis Rogers began his career in strength as an arm wrestler, becoming one of the best in the world at a very young age. Later, Dennis learned to perform many traditional strongman feats, and invented many of his own. He went on to become perhaps the most famous strongman of his time. Travelling the world to display his extraordinary strength.

 Today, in addition to performing their remarkable feats, these men are teaching a whole new generation of strongmen how to perform existing feats and new ones of their own design.

We applaud their efforts to keep many of the old events alive and to invent new feats that measure the limits of human strength.