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Weightlifting Articles

How The Dangerous Paradox of "Genetics" Impacts Weightlifting

We live at a time in which the science of genetics is advancing at a dizzying rate. On an almost daily basis, scientists are discovering the role that genes play in life, health and medicine. It will not be long before what has been learned about genetics will guide all athletes, including weightlifters, to the most effective training methods they can employ to achieve their athletic objectives. But tragically, advances in genetics have also led to very dangerous forms of complete science fiction that some "leading edge" weight training gurus espouse. Perhaps the most dangerous of all is the notion that those who achieve profound results in weightlifting and weight training simply have the "genetics". And those who don't immediately experience such success just don't have the necessary "genes".

The truth is that everyone can improve his/her strength and appearance through proper weight training, and that the results of such training is one of the closest things to a miracle that everyone can experience. The sad part about the wide variety of junk science genetic theorists is that they convince those who do not see immediate results to effectively give up on a training approach that can literally provide success to all.

Can everyone become an Olympic Champion in weightlifting, win a Mr./Ms. America title or become a dominant athlete in the sport they use weight training to augment? Of course not, but everyone can dramatically improve her/his health and strength through weight training.

Why then is the genetic explanation for every poor outcome so popular? Apart from the fact that it may, at first, sound "scientific", the genetic explanation provides an invaluable excuse for training "experts" and their pupils. When you follow the directions of the expert, and you do not improve, it must surely be because you don't have the genetics, and not because the so called expert's approach is flawed, or you have not provided the requisite effort. The genetics theory also provides an excuse for the trainee to train and eat in the way he/she prefers (vs. what will actually generate results). The trainer/trainee simply repeats the mantra "You/I don't have the genetics" and no one is to blame.

One of the biggest favors you can ever do for yourself in life is to assume that when you are not progressing in your training that you need to make an adjustment to that training. That is the very first thing you should consider. Lack of genetic potential is the very last.